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Team Fee Payment Options             
The team fee is $150 per team member.

Payment by credit card or through paypal will cost an additional $5
1. Mail your check, payable to SCKTD, to: Neil and Shannon Kurtz, 5165 Bell Cross Rd, Adams, TN 37010 
    If paying by Credit Card, please see Phillip Woosley at one of the team meetings to pay or use the Donate button above. 
2. Please enter team member name(s) in the memo.

3. Application to serve 

Please prayerfully consider these two commitments before signing up to serve:

1. There is a  team fee of $150.00 to serve.  You will be asked to pay team fees during the team meetings. If you are unable to pay then you may request a scholarship for up to 1/2 ($75.00) of the team fee.
2. Please be committed to as many team meeting as you are able to make.​

If you wish to serve on the SCKTD Men's team

Fill out the form below and click submit. Please note that you will still have to complete a team application during the Saturday Team Meetings before the walk. You can print out one below and bring it to the first team meeting or there will be blank applications there. Any field marked with an * is a mandatory field and must be filled out before the submit button will work.

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