South Central Kentucky Tres Dias

South Central Kentucky Tres Dias  ©


Camp Loucon Training and Retreat Center

8044 Anneta Rd.
Leitchfield, KY 42754
(270) 242-7160

Map of the campground:

Secretariat for the South Central Kentucky Tres Dias

Stephen Whobrey

Men’s Leader
Greg Davis

Women's Leader

​Gena Yoakem

Head Spiritual Director
Joe Hazelbaker

Pre-Weekend Couple
Neil and Shannon Kurtz

Mark Cox

Database Person
Sam Miller

Phillip Woosley

Katie Cohea ​

Food Procurement
Frank Iaquinta

Supply Procurement

Anita Smith

Set Up and Break Down
Tommy Neal

Reunion Groups
Dusty & Wayne Knotts

4th Day Couple
Ronnie and Diane Cline

Newsletter Person
Shannon Moman

Praise and Worship

Jim Davidson

Website Person
Larry Duncan