Sponsorship for Candidates to Tres Dias

**New Information**
We are now accepting Credit Cards for both Sponsorship and Team Fees - MasterCard and Visa
Please see Phillip Woosley to do this. Unless something happens, he will be available at all Team Meetings.


Sponsor must abide by the rule that the husband MUST attend a Tres Dias or other equivalent 3-day weekend before the wife will be allowed to attend.  Very few exceptions will be made in this decision. 


Please mail applications to:

c/o Justin and Heather Upchurch  Pre-Weekend Couple
272 Kendale St.
Bowling Green, KY 42103 

Candidate Fee Payment Options
 You have two options...

Pay by check
Mail your check, payable to SCKTD, in care of 

Justin and Heather Upchurch  Pre-Weekend Couple
272 Kendale St.
Bowling Green, KY 42103 

Please enter the candidate name(s) in the memo.

Pay at the team meetings with check, cash, or credit card (Mastercard/Visa).

All candidates must be sponsored by a person that has been through a Tres Dias weekend or equivalent three day weekend.

Duties of the Sponsor:
Being a sponsor is a commitment not only to the candidate, but to the Tres Dias Community.
You must know the candidate personally.  You must be willing to step into their shoes as their sponsor for those 72 hours. Tres Dias is for Christians who

desire a closer walk with the Lord. 
Be honest! Your candidate needs to know a weekend is a very busy and intensive learning experience in Christianity. 
Explain the basic format of the weekend without giving away the fun surprises. Secrecy has no place in Tres Dias. 
If you are serving on the weekend, your candidate should have a co-sponsor who can provide transportation and support for the family!

Who can attend a Tres Dias Weekend? 
*Candidates are those who have a desire for a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 
*Candidates will be accepted from all Christian denominations. 
*Candidates will be at least 21 years old. 
*Candidates will not have previously attended a Tres Dias weekend or similar weekend experience recognized as equivalent by Tres Dias. 

Who Should Attend A Tres Dias Weekend?
Just as Christ meets you at your point of need,  so TRES DIAS is designed for those who desire to be strengthened in their faith and to Be brought closer

to Christ in their discipleship. 

Pray for your candidate as they await their weekend encounter with Christ.

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